Air Freight Solutions for Moving Abroad and Shipping Electronics

Freight forwarding services for particular shipping and traveling problems involved using air freight to send or receive their packages. Air freight shipping is faster and more reliable than sea freight. These air freight solutions apply to moving personal items and pets overseas and to sending laptops and other electronic devices abroad. Each situation calls for a different procedure; each process consists of only a few simple steps that are easy to follow.

Moving Your Personal Property Overseas

Some people move to another city or town, but several have moved to another country for various reasons. The problem with moving overseas is when dealing with a large bulk of your personal property, which includes furniture and appliances you prefer to bring along with you. Purchasing these household items may not be in your agenda for the next few months of settling in because you don’t expect you’ll have the money to spend. The process of shipping your properties when moving overseas involves the following steps:

  1. Prepare a list of items you wanted to bring and those you’d want to leave behind.
  2. Choose the right size of container you need. Most airlines accept pallets made of wood or plastic.
  3. The price of moving your goods depends on the container’s total volumetric weight. You may use a freight quote calculator to get the estimated price for your shipment. However, this quote doesn’t include the insurance fee and the rate for your preferred delivery (express or standard courier).
  4. Set a schedule for the courier to pick-up your shipment. If you want, they can send personnel to pack your things and provide the container to carry your belongings.
  5. In case you prefer doing the packing yourself, you should wrap all the fragile items in multiple layers of bubble wrap or Styrofoam. Use thick packing tape to secure your boxes.
  6. Mostly, the courier sends your stuff through a less-than-container load (LCL) shipment options. This way the company only pays for the space and weight the goods occupy in a shipping container.
  7. Once the boxes arrive at the specified destination, you should double-check the contents whether or not they’re still in good condition. Immediately inform the 3PL company of any item lost or damaged during transit, and they will take care of filing the insurance claim over your personal items.
  8. When everything checked out fine, you may unpack your goods.

In addition to securing your package and tracking its movement while in transit, you should also take note of the airline’s policies in transporting pets. Many airlines refuse to let a dog or cat travel more than 15 hours of flight duration between countries. In addition, certain breeds of dogs are not recommended for air freight travel.

Sending Laptops and Other Electronic Devices Abroad

To save yourself from the worry of transacting business with the Customs of your destination country, get the assistance of a third-party logistics company. They have customs brokers who manage shipments for a laptop or a mobile phone for clients. The costs of outsourcing your shipping needs cover the insurance for your merchandise as well as the guarantee that your shipment arrives in time and in good condition at its destination.

  1. Before shipping laptops and other electronic devices, please remove the lithium batteries from these.
  2. Then, wrap the batteries separately with plastic bubble wrap or layers of Styrofoam. Include them in the same container as the laptop or cellular phone.
  3. On the commercial invoice and on the packaging label, include a note that informs the shippers of the presence of lithium batteries in the box. Batteries may explode when exposed to too much heat inside the cargo hold.

Not all countries allow the importation of electronic goods. Further restrictions apply depending on the country’s laws. If you’re not sure what these laws are, then contact your logistics company for assistance. They offer air freight solutions, such as customs brokerage and warehouse management, for your goods. Lastly, make sure the batteries aren’t faulty, or else, they’ll present a risk to the rest of the plane when they suddenly explode cause a fire to break out.

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